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Margon Cuban Restaurant Times Square: Food Adventures

When I worked in Mid-town Manhattan it took a little bit of trial and error to find the good, inexpensive food options. 46th St between 6th and 7th avenue, just east of Times Square is blessed to have both Minar, and a new Cuban favorite, Margon. Like most places in the area, it’s packed during […]

Halloween Time: Times Scare, Minar and Evil Dead

I didn’t come to really enjoy scary things until well into adulthood. While never averse to horror in book, movie or haunted house form, we grew up mostly with comedies and fantasy books. These last few years I’ve made up for lost ground consuming a steady diet of classic stuff like Nightmare on Elm Street […]

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Public Transportation

“We could eat an Egg McMuffin on the train. Is there a McDonald’s around? ” Dad asked on the way to the train station. “Not in the neighborhood” I replied. We caught our train to Penn Station though without breakfast sandwich in tow. The mission was to take him for a doctor’s appointment in the […]

Christmas in New York: Bryant Park, Rockefeller Plaza, Macy’s and Minar

As Christmas approaches the season can feel somewhat frenzied. This year though we decided to take an afternoon to just walk around at a nice slow pace. No shopping, just a little time to take in the scenery and of course sample tasty food. The weather was not “frightful” in the the least. In fact […]