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Bruh! You Got Columbus-ed: Chopped Cheese Sandwich

I’ve lived in New York for a number of years but heard about the famed Chopped Cheese sandwich just a few months back. Known mostly in Harlem, Bronx and some of Queens, it features ground beef, peppers, onions, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and seasoning served on a hero. The beef is chopped up and mixed […]

There are bagels and then there are bagels….

On a Tuesday, in a half-full subway car I was seated next to a scholarly, older Jewish man. As frequently occurs, a musician boarded to play a mariachi-style song in Spanish. My seatmate quipped “oh I was just thinking of that song”. I’d noticed the man early into the 30 minute subway ride because he […]

Giant Bagels: New York Public Art by Hanna Liden

On the way to Jefferson Market library for my weekly book pickup, I spotted this bagel themed art on Avenue of the Americas at 9th street on the edge of Greenwich Village (Ruth Wittenberg Plaza). It features a stack of bagels including pumpernickel and sesame (my go to). Popping up through the middle is a […]

Restaurant Review: Abidjan (Brooklyn, Food of Ivory Coast)

New York City is home to a large West African population, most famously Little Ghana in the Bronx. Since I live nowhere near the Bronx, I did some searching and discovered several restaurants in Brooklyn. Abidjan, is located on an unassuming block under the elevated J line, next to an appliance repair shop. Stepping inside […]

Birthday Fun

Yours truly celebrated a birthday recently. Being a nerd, you know what that means – time to hit up the museums. This year we decided to check out the National Museum of the American Indian and the African Burial Ground. After a delicious bacon and spinach omelette and home fries we hopped on the train. […]

Georgian Kharcho Soup (Vegan and Non, Georgian Food Month, Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of Georgian Food Month. Click here, if you want to check out part 1, phkali a walnut and spinach dip as well. After running, I’m often ravenous. During the cool down, my girlfriend and I like to ask each other “if you could have anything to eat in the world right […]

RoodonFood Reviews: Sacred Chow Vegan/Kosher/Gluten Free (Greenwich Village, New York City)

Sacred Chow in the Greenwich Village serves up some of the best vegan food in the New York. It says a lot that as a meat eater I crave their food. In business since 1995, we learned of this spot via Groupon two years ago. The restaurant features sandwiches, many Asian inspired entrees, and a […]