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Mom’s Best Cereals Crispy Cocoa Rice Review (Gluten Free)

“Nothing goes better with books than cereal” – George Washington Life is sometimes about the simple pleasures. On Friday, I did my weekly run to the library, leaving with 7, count ’em, 7 books. Excited for the weekend, I strolled over to Life Thyme Market. Normally it isn’t hard to steer clear of chocolate cereals […]

Governor’s Island Kosher Vending Machines and Other Cool Stuff

There is a first time for everything. In New York I’ve seen Kosher versions of Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Diners, Ethiopian, and “Middle Eastern” among others. It was only a matter of time before seeing a vending machine serving all Kosher food. This machine was spotted in one of my favorite places in New […]

Fun in New York: Lunch Hour NYC Exhibit

A few months back I mentioned an exhibit at the New York Public Library main branch called Lunch Hour NYC. It’s now running through mid-February but now is the best time because the library is decorated for the season (see pictures at bottom). The exhibit is located straight ahead upon coming in the main entrance. […]