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Brighton Beach Brooklyn Adventures: Akkond Russian Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

During my infrequent visits to Bright Beach Brooklyn I like sampling amazing food from the various Russian, Ukraninian, Georgia and Uzbek food places. For chocolates though I love going to Nature’s Delight. Any store that sells chocolates, dried fruits, nuts and spices out of big buckets is okay by me. The store is located at […]

Review: Vegemil Black Bean Milk

  The Vegemil Black Bean milk caught my eye because the flavor sounded fun. I like red bean products like red bean mochi so why not black bean milk? It’s a product of Korea. The 190ml (6.42 oz) bottle was $1.29 at Hmart in Manhattan (W 32nd between 5th and 6th Ave). The base is […]

Wine Reviews: Thierry & Guy Fat Bastard Rose (2009)

We’re starting to get hot weather which means it’s time to switch from the red wines of winter and fall to whites wines of summer and spring. I went to the local wine store with the intention of getting a wine from their fridge. To the right of dozens of bottles of chardonnay, sauvignon blancs […]

RoodonFood and the Most Interesting Man in the World Recommend: Curry Express

Here in New York, locals refer to the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan as Curry Hill because of the large number of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants concentrated around Lexington between 25th and 29th street, just north of Gramercy Park. The most famous is probably Curry in a Hurry because it has been around since […]

Lowe’s Eatery: Jamaican Patties in New York, NY

One of my favorite foods is the Jamaican patty. For those unfamiliar, they’re sort of like a turnover with different fillings such as soy, spinach, chicken or most commonly, beef. They’re inexpensive, portable, and handheld – a great option if you need a hot snack on the go. The color of the beef and chicken […]

Hostess Pudding Pie

I used to love Hostess Pudding Pies as a kid. We would get them at the Five and Dime in our neighborhood along with Garbage Pail Kids cards as youth in the 80s. I loved that they were slightly frosted and in portable pocket form. Image: http://eatthis.womenshealthmag.com/files/wr-4_6.jpg To my surprise, I discovered that they still […]