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Superbowl Foods: I’m Just Here So I Don’t Get Fined

What’s up food fans? Tomorrow’s Superbowl, number XLIX if you’re counting, features the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. This unfortunately is another superbowl where it’s hard to pick a favorite. Because I’m on the East Coast I was tempted to go for the Pats but then deflate gate happened. And in fantasy football […]

Beer Reviews: Catherine the Great Imperial Stout (De Regenboog, Belgium)

Image Source: http://www.bierkraft.com Deflate gate or not, watching the New England Patriots dismantle the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 was a boring one-sided event. On the positive side I had an extremely delicious beverage called Catherine the Great Imperial Stout from Smisje, a tiny Belgian brewery. The beer comes in a bottle that looks like an old […]

Superbowl Sunday Provisions

Happy Superbowl Sunday or as Stephen Colbert calls it “Superb Owl Sunday.” Today the Seattle Seahawks and their young QB Russell Wilson take on the Denver Broncos and future hall of famer Peyton Manning. With the top defense (Seattle) taking on the top offense (Denver), here’s to an exciting game. I don’t have specific allegiance […]

Post-NFL Eating Habits – Pass Me the Salad

If you’ve had a stressful day it’s a natural instinct to eat something rich and unhealthy. Foods like candy immediately provide pleasure. According to a study from the INSEAD business school in France, the same holds true for when your favorite sports team loses a game. Tracking NFL fans, they found that “Overall calorie consumption […]

Cold Remedies From Around the World

Ugh. It’s the beginning of cold season and I am one of the latest victims. But relegation to the couch today won’t be so bad for several reasons: There are lots of NFL games on TV, and from the library I have DVDs of the Young Ones and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai at […]

Happy Superbowl Sunday. What’s for Dinner?

Huzzah! I’m not a big fan of football in general but it’s difficult to not get excited for the Superbowl. It’s once a year. It’s the biggest TV event in the country. It’s the inevitable water cooler conversation tomorrow. But more important than all that is the food eaten before and during the game. As […]