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Meatless Monday – It’s Working

Created jointly in 2003 by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and an ad exec, Meatless Monday was invented to encourage gradual dietary change (and help the environment). Monday was chosen because people are more likely to make lifestyle changes like quiting smoking or begin exercising at the beginning of the week. While Americans still […]

Post-NFL Eating Habits – Pass Me the Salad

If you’ve had a stressful day it’s a natural instinct to eat something rich and unhealthy. Foods like candy immediately provide pleasure. According to a study from the INSEAD business school in France, the same holds true for when your favorite sports team loses a game. Tracking NFL fans, they found that “Overall calorie consumption […]

Julia Child and Raw Chicken

Around 90% of Americans regularly wash raw chicken with the belief that they’re ridding it of bacteria and sliminess. We’ve been given this advice from many authorities including, perhaps the most beloved of all, Julia Child. In fact, according to food researchers, the opposite is true. That’s because washing increases the chances that you’ll spread […]

The Importance of Being Ramen

In the U.S no food is more closely associated with university days than ramen noodles. For less than $0.50 a pack and hot water, a hot meal can be had. In other countries however, the reach of these dehydrated curly noodles goes far beyond those in higher education. According to the new book the Noodle […]

Non-Breakfast Eaters Beware

It turns out that the old adage “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is still as valid as ever. A new study claims that those who skip breakfast have a 27% higher chance of dying of a heart attack or coronary heart disease than those who didn’t. The study which appeared in […]

Clearing out the Pantry

Everyone has a couple of random products in the pantry. Some are there because you were inspired and wanted to replicate a restaurant dish but didn’t know how to make it. Other products just sound healthy. Still others are just curiosities. NPR has a fun tumblr site called the cupboard. People can take pictures food […]

Revolution in Libya and Cinnabons for All!

While Gadhafi’s removal from power is a net positive for Libya, the work of their revolution is surely ongoing. New infrastructure, democracy, and help for the poor will all need to be put in place. Of course, after all the violence significant parts of the country must be rebuilt, some from the ground up. On […]