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Tortilla Espanola Recipe

I love omelettes but wanted to try something a little different. I don’t normally watch Master Chef, the long running amateur cooking contest but one fortuitous bit I did catch was the making of a Tortilla Espanola. Despite the name, no tortilla is in it. It’s similar to an omelette but includes cooked potatoes inside. […]

Migas Recipe: Omelet with Corn Tortillas

Years ago I had a roommate of Mexican descent. One of his ways to jazz up omelets was to add corn tortillas. Not underneath but rather torn into pieces and added to the eggs as they cooked. I finally gave migas a try yesterday and loved the added chewiness and sweetness. My version used spinach, […]

My Father’s Famous Omelette Recipe

My father is not into cooking at all. One item he takes great pride in though is his famous omelette. He made it for Ma for her birthday and it was quite successful. Yields 3 Omelettes: 6 eggs A fistful of cilantro: chopped 1 plum tomato: diced 3 teaspoons of onion: chopped 2 tablespoon bell […]