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Snack Reviews: Swad Farali Chivda Sweet (10oz, Product of India)

I am a sucker for slick packaging. Most of the Swad brand stuff isn’t this glossy. The word farali means fasting. Chivda (AKA chewda/chanachur) is a catchall for a crunchy mixture. During the religious festival known as Navatri, many people fast (though beverages are okay) until the daily puja is done. There is a bit […]

Snack Reviews: Maniar’s Wheat Crisps (Ginger Chili Coriander Khakhra)

Khakhra are a crisp/cracker originating from the state of Gujarat, India. Generally they are made with wheat and various spices. Sometimes other flours are incorporated such as black millet (bajri). They’re often eaten as a snack or for breakfast. The dough is created, flattened and then slow roasted. Most khakra are circular so the Maniar’s […]

Garvi Gujarat: Taro Leaves Roll Review (Gluten Free, Vegan)

I’d never seen a taro leaf based snack at an Indian grocery before. When opening the package, the aroma of chili powder and amchur (dried mango) stings the nostrils. Inside the “rolls” were actually larger than expected (probably the diameter of a golf ball). The dried taro leaves are covered in gram (chickpea) flour and […]

Indian Snack Review: Garvi Gujarat Jamnagari Gathiya (Gluten Free, Vegan)

Gathiya is a delicious crunchy snack made of chickpea (aka garbanzo flour aka gram aka besan) flour popular all over India. This version is Jamnagari style, named for a town in Gujarat. It’s seasoned with ajwain (bishop weed), black pepper and cumin. The individual pieces are actually about an inch long making them larger than […]