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Tilapia with Sumac

In the west, most people probably know sumac as a plant that gives you a rash. There is another form of sumac though that is popular in the Middle East. It’s a deep reddish/purple in color. It’s used to impart sour flavor. It’s somewhere in the realm of a not so sweet cranberry with a […]

World Cup Foods: Fesenjan(Iranian Walnut and Pomegranate Stew)

In today’s 12pm World Cup match, Iran faces up against the mighty Argentina. If Iran can pull off the victory, they advance beyond the group stages. Full disclosure: I was gifted an Argentina jersey which I’m obliged to wear though my heart usually supports the underdog. Even if Persia loses, they’ll always have the better […]

Fesenjan, A Pomegrante and Walnut Stew Recipe

Fesenjan is a Persian dish made with pomegranate molasses and walnuts often served on special occasions such as weddings. I had a chance to try the dish at an area restaurant and wrote about it in this post. While Ravagh’s version overpowered me with it’s authenticity, I found myself craving that tangy combination soon after. […]