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Mozzarrelli’s Gluten Free Pizza

In typical RoodonFood fashion I had an expiring Groupon and waited until the next to last day to redeem it. I’m so glad it didn’t go to waste. Mozzarrelli’s Gluten Free Pizza is fantastic. Located at 38 E 23rd (between Madison and Park), the restaurant is exceedingly clean otherwise it looks like any other pizza […]

Domino’s Pizza Now Offering Gluten Free Pizza

Good news for Gluten Intolerant folks: Domino’s now offers a 10 inch Gluten Free Pizza . They can’t guarantee the crust doesn’t come into contact with glutinous ingredients so it’s better for those who have sensitivity rather than those who are intolerant. Article: The company’s new gluten-free crust is made from rice flour, potato starch, […]