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PopCorners Memphis BBQ Flavor (5oz) Review

I’m already a fan of several PopCorners products including Kettle and Caramel. Memphis BBQ is one of four new flavors that are whole grain though not necessarily made of corn. Memphis BBQ is actually made from sorghum. Clearly targeting geometry fans, these chips are hexagonal. Now I feel like a sucker for eating all those […]

PopCorners Kettle Flavor Review (Gluten Free, Vegan Snack)

I’m a big fan of the PopCorners caramel. Sadly, that flavor is so popular it sells out so I picked up these kettle ones instead. Just as with the other flavor, this bag is 5oz. These are just as tasty and might even have a better balance of salty to sweet. They’re so light that […]

PopCorners Caramel Review (Gluten Free)

The PopCorners Caramel flavor chips are a great addition into the snacking repertoire. The bag is 5oz with about 5 servings per bag. On sale at the local grocery store for $1.50, these were a steal. They’re air popped, and as such have a certain lightness. The caramel is only moderately sweet. An adequate amount […]