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Herr’s Dark Russet Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

This brand is always worth it for the name alone. When I read the name “Herr’s” I’m tempted to pronounce it “Hurr” like southern rappers. For example: Lets get a bag of Hurr’s Chips up in Hurr. I instantly regret writing that. Please accept my apology. Actual Review: The Pennsylvania Fertile Snack Belt continues its […]


Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy Thai-Style Chile Potato Chips (Target Store Brand)

These chips are amazing. If there was an award for potato chips of the year, they would go to the Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy Thai-Style Chile Potato Chips. They’re kettle cooked which means they have a more satisfying crunch than standard issue chips. There is a wonderful tanginess complemented with a slight burn from […]

Snack #4: Archer Farms Black Pepper and Sea Salt Baked Potato Chips

Topping the list this week are Archer Farms Black Pepper and Sea Salt Baked Potato Chips. Archer Farms is the Target store brand. Pretty much all of their crunchies are delicious. Name: Archer Farms Black Pepper & Sea Salt Baked Potato Crisps Flavor: Delivers a satisfying crunch with that slight sweetness that seems to always […]

Snack #3: Seven-Eleven Brand Original Kettle Style Potato Chips.

Name: 7-11 Original Kettle Style Potato Chips Forgetting to pickup crunchies on the way back from the grocery store, I stopped at the corner 7-11. I tried the Kettle Chips on a whim. I learned it’s not just for utility (7-11 store brand stuff is only $2.99). The primary appeal is actually the flavor. Despite […]