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Product Review: Bobo’s Oat Bars

Unfortunately, a local natural food store is shutting down for good. The silver lining as a consumer is that I discovered arguably the best impulse buy ever: Bobo’s Oat Bars, at a discount. These 3 ounces bars from Boulder come in a bunch of flavors. I picked up original and peach. For the first tasting […]

Curtido: Vinegar Coleslaw Recipe for Pupusas

The New Year’s Eve meal was a success with one exception. The texture for the pupusas, a thick cornmeal disk with bean filling was much trickier than expected. Mine ended up way too thick and doughy. This was probably the penalty for adding too much water. The accompanying vinegar coleslaw, known as curtido turned out […]

Mocha Recipe and December Snow

We got our first snow of December yesterday. Prospect Park in Brooklyn had a lovely coat, especially on the meadow. After a nice walk, impromptu snowball fight (in which I emerged victorious), and a log roll (I lost handily) it only made sense to have a tasty mocha. Because I’m somewhat lactose intolerant, it’s made […]

Farmer’s Market Treats: Blueberry Scones

It officially feels like early fall when a light jacket becomes necessary. I particularly enjoyed the walk this morning through Prospect Park to the Grand Army farmer’s market for two reasons: The fall colors are well under way. And as an added bonus it was off-leash hours so scores of cute dogs were out playing. […]

White Sangria Recipe: It’s That Time of Year

Sangria has been haunting me lately. During a weekend run in Prospect Park I got to catch the weekly drum circle. It’s an informal gathering of people mostly from Caribbean countries playing percussion instruments and dancing. Hearing that type of music will relax even the most high strung person. In fact, seeing it last weekend […]