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RoodonFood Interviews: ReCaFo | Real Caribbean Food

Carribean food comes from the soul. Simple ingredients like red peas and rice, ackee or jerk chicken put a smile on your face and make you feel irie to use the Jamaican patois. ReCaFo, is a successful distributor of Carribean food and starting yesterday, November 11th purveyors of a brand new restaurant in Long Island […]

Serbian Food from Cevabdzinica Sarajevo: Food Adventures in Astoria, Queens

As documented in Food Adventures, I enjoy checking out foods originating from different countries. Some favorites over the years include Georgian, Slovakian and Jamaican. When a friend of central European descent inquired about Bosnian/Serbian food I jumped at the chance. The majority in New York City are in Queens, specifically Astoria and Long Island City. […]

Snack #9: Karison’s Toasted Corn

I was looking for snacks to add into the weekly rotation and came across Karison’s Toasted Corn at Punjabi Deli. The small 5oz bag was only $2. It has a simple ingredient list of sweet corn, salt and canola oil. It’s also made locally in Flushing, NY too boot. They give you a great crunch. […]