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Lemon Garlic Butter Pasta (Vegan and GF Friendly)

This lemon garlic butter pasta is a variation of a common Italian pasta dish. If done right it strikes a great balance between creamy and tangy. Make it gluten free by using a GF pasta like De Boles, or Contes. Make it vegan by substituting non-dairy milk and smart balance instead of butter. Prep Time: […]

Bengali Cholar Dal Recipe (Gluten Free, Vegan)

This Bengali dish reminds me of lunch with family. A common weekend lunch might include cholar dal, aloo torkari, tomato chutney and lucchis. The chana dal used in cholar dal is a little larger than most lentils and are occasionally referred to as “Bengal Gram” in recipes. They bear a strong resemblance to yellow split […]

RoodonFood Recipes: Massaman Curry (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Massaman Curry In the fall and winter, coconut based curries are incredibly invigorating. This vegan, gluten free version of the Thai classic, massaman curry is easy to throw together. Vary the vegetables and protein to your liking. I used veggies on hand but other tasty options include snow peas, baby corn, and bell pepper. Chop […]

RoodonFood Comfort Foods: Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

RoodonFood Turkey Meatloaf Recipe Despite our immigrant roots my parents grew to love American staples like meatloaf. Traditions are meant to be modified at times – We didn’t grow up eating beef so when Ma made meatloaf at home it’d be turkey or sometimes even chicken. The version below works with either. It’s difficult to […]

National Pierogi Day and The Briefest of Recipes

I’m not of Polish descent but can appreciate pierogies. If you can’t, odds are you’re a terrible person. In case you were unaware today is National Pierogi Day. My favorite way to eat them is non-traditional. First, add some oil to a frying pan. Throw in a handful of onions. Allow about 5-7 minutes to […]

Rood Recipes: Indian Style Green Beans Recipe

Green Beans are a must have summer food for me. I love how they’re piled high at the farmer’s market stand. It’s a bit like playing jenga – you have to be careful which beans you choose so as not to cause a mess.  They make a wonderful side. One of my favorite ways to […]

My Father’s Famous Omelette Recipe

My father is not into cooking at all. One item he takes great pride in though is his famous omelette. He made it for Ma for her birthday and it was quite successful. Yields 3 Omelettes: 6 eggs A fistful of cilantro: chopped 1 plum tomato: diced 3 teaspoons of onion: chopped 2 tablespoon bell […]