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(Closed) Brighton Beach: Russian Coriander Rye from Grevico Bread

Grevico Bread is a small unassuming store located on a side street off Brighton Beach Avenue. (located at 129-3 Brighton 1st Street). They bake fresh bread daily at their facility on McDonald Avenue and sell it at this store. They have all types of loaves. I asked what types of rye they had. The lady […]

Brighton Beach Brooklyn Adventures: Akkond Russian Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

During my infrequent visits to Bright Beach Brooklyn I like sampling amazing food from the various Russian, Ukraninian, Georgia and Uzbek food places. For chocolates though I love going to Nature’s Delight. Any store that sells chocolates, dried fruits, nuts and spices out of big buckets is okay by me. The store is located at […]

Primorski Restaurant: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

I took a college buddy to Coney Island and down the boardwalk to Brighton Beach recently. I’ve gotten food to go several times in Brighton Beach but was never bold enough to try a sit down place. Places such as the National looked so ostentatious I assumed every place would be too high end. Bolstered […]

Nevskoye Imperial Beer (Baltika Breweries – Russia)

After enjoying the Baltika Golden Lager #5 I was emboldened to try their Nevskoye Imperial Beer. It’s sold in the 1 pint .9 oz size which is perfect for someone who doesn’t drink in bulk. The alcohol content is 4.6%. This Russian lager’s color is between a golden and an amber. It’s actually very frothy […]