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Serbian Food from Cevabdzinica Sarajevo: Food Adventures in Astoria, Queens

As documented in Food Adventures, I enjoy checking out foods originating from different countries. Some favorites over the years include Georgian, Slovakian and Jamaican. When a friend of central European descent inquired about Bosnian/Serbian food I jumped at the chance. The majority in New York City are in Queens, specifically Astoria and Long Island City. […]

Chinese Style Eggplant Recipe Via Serious Eats

Other than stir-fries, I don’t make much Chinese food at homes. With recipes like this one from Serious Eats, it feels much more accessible. This is the best Chinese-style eggplant recipe you’ll see today. Tamari, cooking wine, honey, chili and vinegar all do their part to give it a rich taste. Since we didn’t have […]