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Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce Via Serious Eats

This recipe via Serious Eats is probably my favorite way to cook cauliflower. The roasting, tahini and cumin gives it a smoky and creamy flavor. My only suggested change to this side dish is to roast the vegetable for 30-40 minutes for a softer texture than the recommended 15-20. Try it. No don’t thank me. […]

Mustard Potato Salad with Black Olives Recipe (Vegan, Gluten Free)

The radiator was cranking. With the apartment at an appropriate level of toasty, potato salad, normally not a winter food, made sense. The recipe below is vegan, gluten free and straight forward. In this version we used a moderately spicy, thick Polish mustard called Vavel Sarepska. The black olives provide salt and a welcome texture […]

Collard Greens Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! If leafy greens were like an 80s movie, kale would be the rich kids named Thad, Chaz and Victoria. Collards would be like working class Lloyd Dobler.  I’ll always have a soft spot for them because it reminds me of living in Tennessee, Southern Cooking and Soul Food. Beyond […]

RoodonFood Recipes: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I was one of those strange kids who liked almost all vegetables growing up including the much maligned Brussels sprouts. Full of vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber, these cruciferous veggies taste great on the stove top with butter and bacon or even simpler is the roasting recipe below. Roasting removes part of the sourness […]