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PopCorners Kettle Flavor Review (Gluten Free, Vegan Snack)

I’m a big fan of the PopCorners caramel. Sadly, that flavor is so popular it sells out so I picked up these kettle ones instead. Just as with the other flavor, this bag is 5oz. These are just as tasty and might even have a better balance of salty to sweet. They’re so light that […]

Choripdong Rice Cakes Review

The South Koreans excel at fun packaging. These Choripdong rice cakes ($1.29, Hmart) came in a simple wax paper package. The size of the package is only 1.76 oz (50g) and contains 20-25 rice balls. A perfect amount if you’re curious to try a new snack. . The ingredients are rice, soy, sugar, corn syrup, […]

Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Tortilla Chips Review (Hain Celestial Group)

These Garden of Eatin’ Blue Chip Corn Tortilla Chips (8.1 oz, $3.19) were a case of mistaken identity. The intention was to pick up GoE’s superior Sesame Blues instead. Luckily, the regular blue chips are also decent. They’re fairly no nonsense. The chips are organic and are only made of three ingredients: blue corn, oil […]

Jubilat Provisions in Brooklyn: Go for the smoked meats, stay for the puffed corn

My favorite place for kielbasy in the area is called Jubilat Provisions located on 608 5th Avenue @ 17th St in Brooklyn. If you keep your eyes peeled in addition to the selection of smoked meats, cold cuts, mustards, and pickles you’ll occasionally spot some interesting snack items. My interest in trying new foods has […]

Britannia Nice Time Biscuits

Britannia Nice Time Biscuits are my favorite Indian biscuit. Not because of taste alone but because of association. It always makes me think of visiting family in Kolkata. At tea time we’d almost always have these biscuits. I love the sprinkled sugar and faint coconut flavor. They also have a fun rectangular shape and crinkled edges […]

Haldiram’s Karodpati

Haldiram’s Karodpati are a fun treat.  Unlike several of the previously reviewed snacks, there is no amchur or similar spice to create a tang. This snack is all about crunch. Once again the primary ingredient is the tepary bean. The flavor is reminiscent of ganthia but with more spice. On a spice scale of 1 […]

Asian Gourmet Rice Crackers (Sesame): Gluten Free

When my girlfriend switched to gluten free it caused a reassessment in what to buy when we snack together. A happy discovery was rice crackers. Lately I’ve enjoyed the Asian Gourmet Rice Crackers (Sesame) (another good brand is the ubiquitous KA-ME). They’re baked and low in fat. The packet was only $1.79 for a 3.5 […]

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar

Normally snacks with faces would disturb me. I prefer my foods to be anonymous, faceless vessels of deliciousness. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish  “the snack that smiles back” is perhaps the only exception. Pepperidge Farm is masterful at charming packaging. Who doesn’t like a snack that is sold quaintly in a paper bag? The cheddar flavor is […]

Lowe’s Eatery: Jamaican Patties in New York, NY

One of my favorite foods is the Jamaican patty. For those unfamiliar, they’re sort of like a turnover with different fillings such as soy, spinach, chicken or most commonly, beef. They’re inexpensive, portable, and handheld – a great option if you need a hot snack on the go. The color of the beef and chicken […]

Snack #14: Haldiram’s Kashmiri Mixture

I was very excited to try the Haldiram’s Kashmiri Mixture because I’d never seen it before. Flavor: The Kashmiri Mixture is much spicier than Khatta Meetha or their Plain Bhujia offerings. The mix features a few unique ingredients. The potato sticks are small and slender but provide some nice crunch and variety from the more […]