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Hot Cross Buns: Leske’s Bakery and Boulangerie Lopez

Hot cross buns are one of the most popular baked goods associated with Easter. The buns generally look like slider rolls but bear a cross of frosting on top symbolizing the crucifixion. Depending on the bakery they’ll contain raisins or other dried fruit inside and the dough is sometimes made with cinnamon. Other times, there […]


Food Reviews: Milan’s Bryndzova Natierka (Sheep Milk Cheese Spread)

I was a little sheepish (heehee) about checking out this item because I expected it to be smelly like a goat cheese. The only cheeses I’ve tried and enjoyed were dairy based and the occasional substitute like soy based Daiya. I was only willing to give it a try for two reasons: -The name is […]

Milan’s Restaurant in Brooklyn (Slovak and Czech) Review and Interview

Milan’s Slovak & Czech restaurant is located in the growing South Slope part of Brooklyn. The only such place in the borough, it’s owned and operated by a couple, Milan and Flavka, who just celebrated the restaurant’s 16th anniversary. Before finally trying it I’d walked by countless times, casting surreptitious glances. Slovak food was totally […]