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Goober Peas by Burt Ives and Johnny Cash

The song Goober Peas dates back to the American Civil War. It’s a silly song on the surface but indicates how desperate Confederate troops were. The South at the time was very dependent on other regions for food. Crops like tobacco and cotton were king. As the Northern blockade tightened, peanuts became one of the […]

MoonPies: Why aren’t you eating one now?

Unless you’re a terrible person a Moonpie is one of the best foods ever created. An old friend posted on Facebook about the 18th Annual RC Cola and Moon Pie festival in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.  Bell Buckle’s population is only 500 but it swells into the thousands for this event. There are vendors, a 10 […]

Looking for inspiration on healthy, easy meals? Check with your landlord.

Everyone gets in a food rut from time to time. And a difficult week can really kill your urge to make delicious meals. Sometimes though, the answer of what to cook comes right to your nose. I don’t know what happened in the last few months, but suddenly my landlord and/or his family learned to […]