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Food Adventures: Chinatown, Brooklyn (Sunset Park)

Yesterday was such a nice day that it warranted a long walk. This time the long walk took me out to Sunset Park. Brooklyn’s Chinatown is basically bakeries, grocery stores and odd mini-markets consisting of 50% diapers/baby formula and 50% cooking ingredients. For this particular adventure, I wanted to check out some dumplings which were […]

Chinese Moon Cakes in Sunset Park

The other day I posted about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival known as Zhōngqiū Jié which ends tomorrow, September 19th. It celebrates the harvest season and the full moon. The customary gift is known as the moon cake. Because of it’s ubiquity during the season it’s hated by many. Some view it like the fruit cake […]

Baked in Brooklyn – the Best Deal in Town

Baked in Brooklyn is a local bread company just across the street from the famous Green-Wood Cemetery. Formerly, knowns as Aladdin Bakery, it borders between Greenwood Heights and Sunset Park. Their goods are available at grocery stores throughout the borough but I prefer to go straight to the retail outlet for the best pricing. They […]

Sweet Treasures Bakery in South Park Slope

Sweet Treasures Bakery is a welcome addition to South Park Slope. They’re located on 5th avenue between 16th and Prospect Avenue. I was sad when the predecessor, 3 Star closed . The cynic in me was expecting some high end crappy eatery. I was elated to see another, equally unpretentious bakery in its place. These […]