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Sweet Sunday: Violet Crumble Review (Product of Australia)

Honeycomb combined with chocolate? Now that is an interesting combination. We were introduced to the Aussie candy Violet Crumble by my girlfriend’s sister who did a semester in Sydney some years back. Fast forward to today, where we discovered that they’re available at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond. As indicated by the name and […]

Sweet Saturday: Parle Fab! Hide and Seek Strawberry Sandwich Cookies (Product of India)

Parle is the largest biscuit maker in India. This strawberry sandwich cookie falls under their chocolate chip Hide and Seek line. The package contains 9 pieces. Off the bat the candy-ish strawberry aroma hits your nose. They’re studded with chocolate bits and it has a satisfying crunch. The filling is creamy and doesn’t taste as […]

Tiki Gold Coconut Craze (Product of Trinidad & Tobago)

Tiki Gold bars hail from the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago. Given its island roots, coconut flavoring isn’t surprising. It’s an average size candy bar with a chocolate coating and multiple wafer tiers. On opening the packet a sweet coconut aroma emerges which is frustrating since there is no real coconut in the bar. […]

Sweet Beat: Ulker Tempo Vanilla Biscuits (Product of Romania)

The origin of the name Oreo is unclear, but some say it’s from Greek, meaning beautiful or well done. Other than that exception most U.S cookies evoke a personality (Mrs. Fields, Famous Amos, Fig Newtons), animals (Teddy Grahams), or are to the point (Chips Ahoy, Pecan Sandies). With that context in mind, the name Tempo […]

Sweet Beat: Devon Vanilla Cream Cookies Review (Product of Trinidad and Tobago)

These Devon Vanilla Cream biscuits were purchased at OJ Fruits and Vegetables in Lefferts Garden, Brooklyn, an area with a substantial Carribean population. The packaging looked like an ice cream sandwich so I had to buy it. A product of Trinidad and Tobago, they come 12 to a pack. History They have the word “Bourbon” […]

Awesome or Disgusting: Goplana Dark Chocolate Pina Colada Flavor (Gluten Free)

Goplana is a huge chocolate maker based in Poland. I purchased this at a great shop called Mazowske Deli on 420 Church Avenue in Brooklyn. It’s catty corner to Little Bangladesh. In addition to all the standard kielbasy, they sell hot foods as well as bigos! They have at least 10 different flavors of Goplana […]

Sweet Beat: Eti Burcak Sultani Biscuits (Product of Turkey)

Always on the lookout for new biscuits to go with coffee, these Eti biscuits were picked up in a grocery store in Bay Ridge (going out of business). They have the oaty flavor of digestives but also contain sultana bits (a type of raisin). It’s a fun mix of chewy and crunchy. They feature 56% […]