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Sweet Beat: Eti Socream Biscuits (Product of Turkey)– Awesome or Disgusting?

After seeing “banana flavor” I saw these biscuits as a challenge. Banana could easily fall into the awesome or disgusting category. On opening the pack, a strong wiff of the fruit hits you. The biscuits feature a cool, if hypnotic ring design. It’s as if Eti intends to lull the consumer and then punch them […]

RoodonFood Comfort Foods: Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

RoodonFood Turkey Meatloaf Recipe Despite our immigrant roots my parents grew to love American staples like meatloaf. Traditions are meant to be modified at times – We didn’t grow up eating beef so when Ma made meatloaf at home it’d be turkey or sometimes even chicken. The version below works with either. It’s difficult to […]