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Happy Valentine’s Day Followed by White Day but Hopefully Not Black Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! My girlfriend and I used to go out for dinner for Vday but getting reservations can sometimes be difficult, let alone finding a prefixe menu that sounds good. Our tradition over the last few years is to cook a nice meal together. Two favorites from past years include this massaman curry (GF/Vegan) […]

RoodonFood Recipes: Massaman Curry (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Massaman Curry In the fall and winter, coconut based curries are incredibly invigorating. This vegan, gluten free version of the Thai classic, massaman curry is easy to throw together. Vary the vegetables and protein to your liking. I used veggies on hand but other tasty options include snow peas, baby corn, and bell pepper. Chop […]