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McNeill’s Ruby Ale Review (Vermont)

The McNeill’s Ruby Ale hails from Brattleboro, Vermont. It has a high 5.7% ABV and comes in a 22oz size. The first thing I noticed is the appealing floral smell. It’s somewhere between an amber to orange in color.The head is decent. It features enough hops to make it interesting. The malt flavors comes out […]

Rock Art Brewery Stump Jumper Gnarly Stout (Vermont, 5.8% ABV)

The Rock Art Brewery Stump Jumper Gnarly Stout comes from Morrisville, VT. The ABV is substantial at 5.8%. Referring to itself as “Gnarly” made me curious to try it. It pours a substantial head initially. The maltiness is pleasant but it’s the hoppiness that demands your attention. The flavor is a nice surprise for those […]

Vermont Foods: Klinger’s Vermont Maple Oat Walnut bread

I always enjoy bringing home baked goods from nearby vacation spots. During a recent trip to Southern Vermont for skiing, I splurged ($5.79) on a loaf of Klinger’s Vermont Maple Oat Walnut bread. The bread is studded with oats and nuts which come through in every bite. It also uses maple syrup rather than corn […]