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Voskos Greek Yogurt Blueberry + Granola

Image Source I’ve started to see these Voskos Greek Yogurts with Granola more frequently of late. Once again I purchased because they were on sale for $1. The granola is in a separate compartment which can be conveniently flipped over directly into the yogurt side. The amount of granola is a little stingy but still […]


Update: Voskos Greek Yogurt: Honey

I was a little harsh on Voskos last time and a mixed review the time before. Then again, it was the Voskos Greek Exotic Fig flavor. What was I thinking? As a token of forgiveness I tried their honey flavor today. It was fantastic. The sweetness is there but doesn’t beat you over the head […]

Update: Voskos Greek Yogurt “Exotic Fig”

The other day I reviewed Voskos Yogurt Vanilla Bean and Peach flavors. I explained that upon feeling brave I would try the fig flavor. I felt brave yesterday. My reticence to check it out feels justified. All you taste is fig. Combine the strong flavor with the thickness of the Greek yogurt and you have […]

Snack #12: Voskos Greek Yogurt

The Greek Yogurt trend is one I can get behind. Every week there seems to be a new company selling their version, even Yoplait (which I don’t recommend). Ben and Jerry’s (Vermont) is even debuting 4 Frozen Greek Yogurt flavors. I can say with some pride that New York has become something of a regional […]