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NASA’s Alcohol Prohibition in Outer Space: Where No One Can Hear You Hurl

In the 1970s after successful missions to the moon, NASA was interested in the possibility of long term habitation in space. One of the biggest concerns was nutritious and ideally pleasant tasting food. In both the Gemini and Apollo missions, the food was dehydrated and rather unappetizing. After years of research they made considerable improvements: […]

Alice White Red Lexia Wine 2009 Review

Alice White, based in South Eastern Australia makes good, affordable wines. Always eager to check out new (to me) combos, this Red Lexia was purchased at Bay River for $10.99. 1st Night: It pours a purty shade of pinkish red. The aroma is pleasant, if a little sweet. It’s like a cross between zinfandel and […]

Citra Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2011 Review (Product of Italy)

As a rule of thumb it’s not smart to buy the big bottle (1.5 L) of a wine if you haven’t tried it before. This bottle of Citra Montepulciano D’Abruzzo was on sale for only $8.99 however. It caught my eye because it was situated next to long time favorite Rex Goliath and a dollar […]

Smelly Hippies Make Good Wine: Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir (Chile, $6.99)

Pepperwood Grove is new to my local wine shop or perhaps unnoticed before because I didn’t crane my neck high enough. A wine from Chile, the brand prides itself on it’s many accolades which includes 17 Wine Enthusiast Best Buys and 21 Wine Spectator Best Values. This pinot noir was thinner tasting than expected but […]

Wine Tasting: Perception vs Reality

Wine tasting. After seeing movies like Sideways and visiting vineyards, who doesn’t enjoy describing wine? This slightly provocative article from Lifehacker asserts that expectation has just as much if not more to do with enjoyment of a wine than actual flavor. In 2001, Frederic Brochet conducted two experiments at the University of Bordeaux. In one […]

Thorny Rose Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Review

Looking to try a new brand we splurged paying a full $9.99 on Thorny Rose Cabernet Sauvignon. This one comes from the Columbia Valley, Washington. Day 1: It’s quite delicious. It’s medium-bodied with a nice clean finish. Mild tannins are noticeable as well as a slight sweetness and spice. The grape flavor is most recognizable […]

Vivi Falaghina 2009 (Italy)

The name falaghina is totally unfamiliar to me. Of Italian wines I tend to favor reds like Nero D’Avolas. This one was prominently placed near the register at Bay River marked down from $9.99 to $6.99 which made it more enticing. Day 1 The flavor is solidly in pinot grigio range. The tart is pronounced […]