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World Cup Foods: Korean DakDoriTang (Spicy Chicken Stew)

South Korea plays Algeria at 3pm EST in Group H World Cup action. The two teams should be relatively evenly matched. In a food competition however, there is no contest. The national dish of Algeria is couscous, which while delicious cannot beat umami-mad Korean cuisine. Looking at a list of popular Korean dishes and condiments, […]

World Cup Foods: Kedjenou (Ivory Coast Chicken Stew) with Cassava Couscous

I’m excited for today’s Ivory Coast vs Colombia World Cup match up at 12pm EST. On paper Les Elephants are the better team. My theory as to why: Cote d’Ivoire is fueled by delicious attieke cassava couscous and kedjenou chicken stew. Check out my recipe for Attieke Cassava Couscous by clicking the image.  See also […]

Feijoada: Brazilian Rice and Beans

Happy World Cup, all! I’ve enjoyed the matches so far. I didn’t see the Netherlands destroying Spain 5-1 coming at all. I was also thrilled to see the U.S beat Ghana 2-1 after losing to them in the last 2 world cups. In honor of the host country, Brazil, I made a batch of the […]