Food Adventures

Bear Mountain Oktoberfest (Upstate, NY)
Bensonhurst for Turkish Chocolate
Big Apple BBQ (Chelsea, NY – BBQ Festival)
Bogota Latin Bistro (Park Slope, Brooklyn – Colombian, Pan-South American)
Brighton Beach Pirozkhi’s (Russian, Ukraninan)
Brighton Beach Russian and Eastern European Chocolate Edition
Conrad’s Bakery (Border of Bed Stuy / Crown Heights and Brownsville – Carribean Bakery)
Cool Runnings (Bradley Beach, NJ, Jersey Shore – Jamaican, Carribean)(CLOSED)
Curry Express (Curry Hill, NY – Indian)
Delponte’s Bakery (Bradley Beach, NJ, Jersey Shore – America/Italian Bakery)
Foods of India (Curry Hill, NY – Indian Grocery)
Grevico Bread (Brighton Beach Russian Coriander Rye Bread! Best bread ever) (CLOSED)
Hmart (Koreatown, NY – Korean Grocery)
Irene’s (Bradley Beach, NJ, Jersey Shore – American and Greek Diner)
Jay’s Carribean (Lawrenceville, GA – Jamaican, Carribean)
Jubilat Provisions (Park Slope – Polish Grocery/Kielbasy Place)
Kohr’s Frozen Custard (Seaside Heights, NJ – Frozen Custard/Ice Cream)
LongHorn Restaurant (Chattanooga, TN – Not the chain steakhouse, but a greasy spoon diner)
Lowe’s Eatery (Harlem, NY – Jamaican, Carribean)
Manna’s Delight (Harlem, NY – Carribean/Soul Food: Original Bean Pie)
Mozzarelli’s Gluten Free Pizza (Chelsea, NY – Gluten Free Pizza)
Oaxaca (Park Slope, Brooklyn, E. Village – Mexican)
On the Border (Atlanta, GA  – Mexican)
Primorski Restaurant (Brighton Beach, Brooklyn – Russian, Ukraninan, Georgian, Uzbek Food)
Ravagh Persian Restaurant (New York – Persian Food)
Silver Krust (Crown Heights – Jamaican, Carribean)
Stogo Dairy Free Ice Cream (East Village – Ice Cream
Sweet Treasures Bakery (Park Slope – Italian American Bakery)
Sweet Treasures Bakery 2 (Park Slope – Fresh Breads!)
White Swan Bakery (Chinatown, NY – Chinese Bakery)

4 comments on “Food Adventures

  1. Thanks for liking my post about Yaki Curry, Raj! Have you tried it before?

    On a mostly unrelated note, have you heard of cardamom milk? I’ve checked stores throughout Curry Hill, Jackson Heights and a long time ago Edison, but can’t find it anywhere.

    • Hey BMB. My pleasure. It looked great. I haven’t seen cardamom milk (elaichi in Hindi) fresh for sale before. What you can find in packets is badam milk which features cardamom is one of the main flavors or Kashmiri tea ditto. Cheers and thanks for the comment/question.

      • Hi Raj. Isn’t badam milk almond milk? Does it usually contain elaichi? I’ve seen that drink all over the world, in fact badam is the word for almond in Indonesia and Malaysia too.

        Thanks for the advice!

      • Literally yes it is. In South Asia though it might be served automatically with elaichi. Cheers. No problem.

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