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30 Rock: Corn!

I’m a big fan of the NBC Comedy show 30 Rock. You have to admire the writing on this show. No other food related gag has stuck this close. The clip below is from season 5, episode 2 (When It Rains, It Pours).

I check ingredient lists for practically everything. Corn, corn starch, and corn syrup show up all the time.  This isn’t even considering all the corn derived stuff described in Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma. Now whenever I see anything made from corn I think 30 rock and giggle to myself. I probably look quite strange giggling to myself to fellow grocery store goers. If they saw the clip, they would have the same reaction surely. Until this episode I didn’t realize how often corn is used in different foods. This might me the smartest subliminal advertising ever. There isn’t a better food for them to use and get the same mileage. When I eat popcorn I think of 30 rock. The other day making spoonbread I thought of 30 rock. When I read the word corn it’s in the Liz Lemon voice (Tina Fey). Maybe this is how they planned to boost viewership?


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