Update 2: Big Apple BBQ or Don’t Judge Me, I’m Enjoying BBQ

I stopped by at the Big Apple BBQ for Day 2. Please don’t judge me. For Day 2 I wanted to check out Big Bob Gibson’s championship BBQ. The wait was 20 minutes but it moved quickly. He served pulled pork with an amazing smoky, tangy red sauce. It was setup so that you get the sandwich and pour the sauce yourself. It was worth the wait.

After a minute or two of trying to digest like a sucker I wised up and walked to the line for Myron Mixon’s famous Jack’s Old South (3 time champ). It had a huge line and they ended up running out. We were told that they’d have new product in 20 minutes. Waiting in an unmoving line under the sun didn’t sound appealing. I did however get some brisket and sausage from the Salt Lick to go. I said it. To go. More on that review in a future post. The Big Apple BBQ was a great experience. It definitely turned me into a big fan of the art.

Big Bob’s BBQ

Doing the Lord’s Work

BBQ Fountain

Tastebuds left in wonderment


6 comments on “Update 2: Big Apple BBQ or Don’t Judge Me, I’m Enjoying BBQ

  1. Looks like you had a great time, Big Hoss, John and Chris Lilly of BBG are simply amazing. I was cooking over at Ed Mitchell’s whole hog. I hope you had a chance to sample our stuff if not it’s worth your wait next year.

  2. […] my vegan gluten free girlfriend and I had a great time at the Big Apple Barbeque which I mentioned here. Well, I should say, she patiently watched me eat various smoked and grilled meats and smiled. To […]

  3. […] 11am to 6pm. Located in Madison Square Park, I wrote about it  extensively last year here and here. My favorite last time by far was Scott’s Barbeque. They had a 5 minute line which usually is […]

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