Montreal: Bagel Edition

Years ago, I had a roommate from Quebec who spoke highly of his home city of Montreal. When complementing New York City he would say things like “New York is almost as cool as Montreal” which in his book was high praise. I’ve read similar things about the way Montreal views its bagels. Recently, we got […]

Food Shows: My Grandma’s Ravioli (Cooking Channel)

As a regular viewer of CBS Sunday Morning I’m a big fan of Mo Rocca. He has a way of making interviewees comfortable by bringing them in on the joke. The comedian hosts several shows, but a personal favorite is My Grandma’s Ravioli on the Cooking Channel. Now in its 4th season, the show as the […]

Happy New Year: 2016

Happy New Year, all. It was a year with several food and life highlights. I got to visit San Francisco which was my first time on the west coast. Though there are many, many food options It’s It and Eddie’s Cafe were personal favorites. Last month, I started a new job as well which allowed […]

Chickory: a Frugal Good Time in Your Coffee and Your Mouth

My curiosity in chickory came after reading about it’s role during the American Civil War. The Northern blockade was successfully cutting off supplies to the Confederates. As a result, they were forced to improvise. Louisiana, formerly a French colony would often incorporate it to extend expensive coffee or replace it altogether. Chickory offers a delicious, […]

Cold Brew Coffee: Now At Home

Cold brew coffee is being sold by every man, woman and child here in the U.S. Talk about job creator! For those unfamiliar, the drink is made by steeping coffee in cold water over a long period of time. Iced coffee on the other hand is hot coffee which is chilled and has ice added. […]

Giant Bagels: New York Public Art by Hanna Liden

On the way to Jefferson Market library for my weekly book pickup, I spotted this bagel themed art on Avenue of the Americas at 9th street on the edge of Greenwich Village (Ruth Wittenberg Plaza). It features a stack of bagels including pumpernickel and sesame (my go to). Popping up through the middle is a […]

Alcatraz: Come Because You Have No Choice, Stay for the Food.

Alcatraz is the fifth most popular attraction in San Francisco. I don’t know what that says about tourist psyche but I definitely wanted to see it. A short ferry takes you to this imposing set of buildings. Surrounded by water, sitting atop rocks but minutes from San Francisco, you can imagine how difficult a stay […]