RW Garcia Thai Sweet & Spicy Tortilla Chips w/Flaxseed

RW Garci Thai Sweet & Spicy Tortilla Chips

My parents picked these chips up at Homegoods for $2.49. The serving size is 7 chips. They’re non-gmo and feature 500 mg of Omega 3s per serving. The package is clearly labeled gluten free. The RW Garcia Thai Sweet and Spicy Tortilla Chips are somewhere in the middle in terms of flavor and texture. They don’t have tons of crunch. There is a nice sweetness from the yellow corn and the flax gives it a unique heartiness and nuttiness. The bell pepper and jalapeno is disappointingly tame though especially as compared with the legendary Archer Farms Thai Style Chile Potato Chips. I’d get these chips again but know to expect a hearty/nutty chip rather than strong Thai flavors. Here are some very positive reviews of their other chips from Gluten Free Cat.

Ingredients: organic stone ground yellow corn, sunflower oil or corn oil, organic brown flaxseed, evaporated sugar cane juice, vinegar powder, dehydrated red and green bell peppers, salt, garlic powder, dehydrated jalapeno peppers, spices, citric, annatto extract, natural flavors, water, traces of lime.


3 comments on “RW Garcia Thai Sweet & Spicy Tortilla Chips w/Flaxseed

  1. They look interesting. I found some Quinoa crisps/chips a couple of weeks ago which seemed like a good idea but were a bit bland. Perhaps I just expect too much punch from my snacks 🙂

    • Hey Mark-

      Thanks for the comment. Quinoa crisps? Crisps alone (versus omnipresent chips) are hard on this side of the pond. I know what you mean about setting expectations on your snack foods. I really like the recipes on your blog by the way. I’ve had a box of buckwheat (kasha) collecting dust – maybe I’ll try out your recipe.

      • I think these sould have been called ‘chips’ – we just call them all ‘crisps’ 🙂
        Hope you enjoy your buckwheat. I’m going to give buckwheat pancakes a try next week.

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