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Chattanooga Visit: Tremont Tavern and Long Horn Restaurant

Last weekend I visited the town of my formative years, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The reason for the visit was an unhappy one, a high school friend passing away. While it’s terrible to lose someone, the silver lining is that it brought together old friends over drinks and good meals.

Tremont Tavern

My friend John, who introduced me to the Hazed and Infused beer suggested going to Tremont Tavern which is famous for grinding their own meat for burgers. They’re located at 1203 Hixson Pike, on the border between the Tremont area and Hixson. It’s a definite neighborhood joint.

Tremont Tavern Fantasy Football Guys

All the stools around the bar were occupied by a group apparently trading fantasy football players. We periodically heard names called out such as David Akers and Dree Brees. That reminds me to look at my leagues draft but I digress.

Tremont Tavern Havarti Burger and Tater Tots

On the food front I chose the Havarti Burger ($9) which was delicious and creamy. Since Havarti is a semi-soft cheese it uniformly coated the burger. On the side there was the choice of fries or tater tots. Is that even a question? Also worth mentioning is the amazing beer selection.

The other place notable joint is the Long Horn Restaurant at 129 Market St. It’s one of those breakfast and lunch only places. They’re open 6am-2pm M-F and 7am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.  It’s a greasy spoon not unlike Waffle House.  They’ve existed since 1959 so they do food quite well.

Long Horn Restaurant on Market Street

Long Horn Restaurant on Market Street

Long Horn Restaurant on Market Street

I got the biscuits and gravy, ham and scattered hash browns. The gravy was studded with pieces of sausage and just the right amount of pepper for mild kick. Yes biscuits and gravy are carb-tastic but no visit to the south is complete without it. The ham was tasty but purely functional. The scattered hash browns were cooked to a golden brown giving waffle house a run for its money.

Long Horn Restaurant on Market Street

Seeing friends under rough circumstance wasn’t easy, especially after a 12 year gap. Still, breaking bread, reminiscing and discussing the future made it easier. I can’t wait to stop by again.


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