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Udi’s Gluten Free Bagels Review

My girlfriend went gluten free around 3 years ago. Since that time we’ve tried several brands of bread including Udi’s. In that period she had exactly 0 bagels. Zero bagels in 3 years? In the northeast that is tantamount to treason. Luckily, the local grocery had them on sale for $4 versus the regular $6-$7.

In the new year we set the yearly running goal to 1500 (1400 last year). Additionally, we’re trying to do longer runs. Last Sunday we ran 10.2 miles. It felt great but was even more satisfying after having a large cinnamon raisin with cream cheese and raspberry jam. The bagels come four to a pack are nice and large. It has much of the fluffiness you want. It’s a touch denser than regular but has all of the flavor. Yesterday, we did an 11.5 mile run (our second longest ever). Our treat afterward were Udi’s everything bagels which was even better because we were exhausted. We will absolutely get these bagels again. This is another tasty product from Udi’s.


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