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Game of Thrones: A Feast of Fire and Ice The Cookbook?

Speaking of Game of Thrones. I’m currently reading Clash of Kings, book 2 in the series and enjoying it tremendously. Its been years since reading a good fantasy series let alone one that also has a popular HBO TV series alongside. Throughout the book there is mention of food and drink such as venision, pigeon pie, horse meats, wine, mead, etc. While not central  to the storyline they add colorful imagery. I picture things like heavy oak tables with steins of mead, roasted boar, pheasant and a cornucopia of fruits.

Many are swept up in Game of Thrones Food-Mania. There are now multiple GoT themed cookbooks. The official one features an introduction from George R.R Martin himself and is titled A Feast of Fire and Ice. There are courses inspired by characters. For example Robert Baratheon’s meal is: venison steaks marinated in mead, wrapped in boar bacon, roasted veg, stout deviled eggs, buttered beets, blackberry tarts, honeycakes, poached pears. This sounds quite rich but then again the character is quite rotund. There are individual meals including Dothraki goat. The authors cleverly feature GoT versions and more modern versions (just in case you can’t find those pesky Byzantine spices).

Are there any foods mentioned in the Game of Thrones series you’re curious about? Have you tried any of the recipes featured in this cookbook?


One comment on “Game of Thrones: A Feast of Fire and Ice The Cookbook?

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